1. a murder
   But not necessarily making off with the body.
   DSUE says: 'Ex a witness's euphemism in the Phoenix Park assassination case'. (On 6 May 1882 Burke and Cavendish, the Permanent Under-Secretaiy for Ireland and the Chief Secretary, were hacked to pieces with surgical knives in Phoenix Park, Dublin.
   Five of the murderers were hanged, but the killings led to a harsh Prevention of Crimes Act, the abolition of trial by jury, and a worsening of relations between England and Ireland.)
   2. dismissal from employment
   Venerable enough to be noted by Dr Johnson in 1755.
   3. a burial
   Moving the corpse for the last time before the resurrection:
    Very few had attended Bridget Manning's removal... Halpin had photographs of the burial. (J. Kennedy, 1998)

How not to say what you mean: A dictionary of euphemisms. . 2014.


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