1. obsolete
   to infect with venereal disease
   The sensation of one of the symptoms felt by the male, especially when urinating:
    Light wenches will burn. Come not near her. (Shakespeare, The Comedy of Errors)
   A man who burned his poker was so infected and a burner was the infection.
   2. American
   to kill
   Originally, by electrocution, from the singeing of the contact points on the corpse.
   Latterly, of any death, especially by shooting:
    Do you really think Knox burned Kipper and Stonehouse? (Sanders, 1980)
   3. to extort from or to cheat
   Probably a shortened form of put the burn on, to compel, through figurative application of heat1 or by physically contra-rotating the skin at the wrist:
    I thought he was the one who burned me. (Theroux, 1976, writing of a cheat)
   In narcotic jargon, it may mean to take money for illicit supplies and fail to deliver, or to give information to the authorities about another's addiction.

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