Originally it described male homosexuality, but now refers to either sex. The origin is obscure, which gives free rein to speculation among etymologists. Ware suggests that it is 'probably from the French' who are naturally blamed for things of which we may disapprove.
   Partridge urged us to consult the EDD, but which of Dr Wright's definitions caught his fancy is hard to decide: 'gyrating in the air', 'gossiping', 'a heap of potatoes or turnips earthed up in order to be kept throughout the winter': we can only guess. The progression from using exaggerated gestures to male homosexuality is well documented in the OED:
    The red shadow is at large. Did you ever see anything quite so camp? (P. Scott, 1975 — the dialogue about a male homosexual in 1946 was probably anachronistic, especially when placed in India)
   To camp it up in Britain means no more than to accentuate or display male homosexual characteristics; in America it may imply participation in group male homosexual activity. To camp about can mean no more than to act jokingly:
    .. .just words, they weren't meant seriously. I was just camping about. (Bogarde, 1981)

How not to say what you mean: A dictionary of euphemisms. . 2014.


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